I would highly recommend GDI Driving School! I could not have asked for a more friendly, honest, hard working and knowledgeable instructor. As a learner I was extremely nervous when I first got in the car however going through it step by step made it easy. Darren my Instructor always made certain that I had everything I needed and that I really understood everything and never got annoyed no matter how many times I asked what’s more I never felt unable to ask. He has completely transformed me from a nervous, unsure driver into a happy and safe driver. They have absolutely earned their reputation, and I couldn’t recommend them more strongly. Darren was always on time, professional and all my driving lessons where fun. The lessons he gave were structured which made learning to drive easy they helped me pass first time! I would and have already recommended GDI Driving School to my friends. 


Well done Tom who passed 1st time with only 2 minor driving faults.




Chris is an amazing driving instructor! I passed first time with only 4 faults. Like most people I was very nervous the first time I got into a car but Chris makes you feel relaxed and comfortable straight away. He is a reliable and professional driving instructor, but is really easy to talk to and becomes a friend as well as a teacher. He provided me with the knowledge and confidence to drive safely and correctly on my own and her reassurance and motivation was definately what allowed me to pass my test! His extensive knowledge of all things driving meant I could ask any question and get a factual and helpful answer and allowed me to broaden my driving knowledge. No matter how many mistakes you make, Chris stays calm and collected, supporting and encouraging you to correct and rectify the situation on your own which I feel is a huge confidence boost, knowing you can get yourself out of tricky situations. I am SO glad I learnt to drive with Chris and will miss my regular driving lessons which were always fun and interesting.


Well done Sheryl who passed 1st time with only 4 minor driving faults.




GDI driving school helped me so much! I went to GDI driving school after losing alot of confidence with a previous driving school. From the first lesson I felt much more relaxed and at ease in my driving lessons, and was able to learn and improve specific areas of my weaknesses. With GDI driving schools help, I gained more confidence and understood how to complete maneuvers that I struggled with, such as parallel parking. My driving instructor Chris was kind, funny, patient, reliable and easy to get along with which made my driving lessons easy, relaxed and enjoyable. GDI driving schools approach to teaching is very calming for new or nervous drivers which has helped me to gain a lot of confidence in my driving abilities. I would definitely recommend GDI driving school for anybody looking for a driving instructor to learn with, as I was completely satisfied with the one to one lessons I received. GDI driving school has a positive and encouraging attitude which allowed me to pass my driving practical 1st time with only 2 faults.  


Well done Jane who passed 1st time with 2 minor driving faults.




CHRIS IS A FANTASTIC DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. He really made me feel at home in a car and his calm, reassuring attitude made driving second nature to me in a matter of weeks. His dedication to his students is unmatched and his confidence in you as a driver if you listen to what he says is 1st class. I passed my test first time with only 3 minor faults and this is a credit to all of Chris’s hard work over the past few months. Even with a 9 month break for the summer, I was able to get back in a car and, with Chris’s instruction, drive as if I had never been away. I honestly challenge anyone to find a more friendly and professional driving instructor than Chris. Thank you so much! Ben. 


Well done Ben who passed 1st time with 3 minor driving faults.




I had a few lessons with another driving school and my instructor just more or less let me drive around without pointing out any problems I had. After about 10 lessons with this school I wasn’t happy, a friend told me GDI Driving School were good so I gave them a call. I booked their Introductory lesson and the instructor I had was Darren he told me he was the owner of GDI Driving School. I was taken back by how different Darren was to the other instructor. After the lesson I had learned more in the 2 hours with Darren as I did in the 10 hours with the other? I booked GDI Driving School full course and I have never looked back. Darren is a fantastic instructor and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or his School. He is relaxed and friendly but clearly knows how to teach. He always made certain that I had everything I needed and that I really understood everything what’s more I never felt unable to ask.  He is easy to get along with and to talk to so that no lessons were boring. Darren did an amazing job in getting me to a level where I felt confident to drive in any situation! My learning didn’t stop when I left the car as Darren made sure I had diagrams and information which I could look over in-between lessons to help me with any worries I may have had when I was at home. I recently passed my driving test first time! with no faults, Thanks Darren… top class instructor…top class driving school. 


Well done Harry who passed 1st time with NO minor driving faults.




GDI Driving School was recommended to me by my older brother, who passed first time with Darren a few years ago. After talking to Darren he told me he had his own Driving School now and he had all the best driving instructors in the local area working for or with him. Darren sent Mick to come and meet me for my 1st driving lesson as Darren was fully booked. Mick came to my house for my 1st lesson it went so well I booked more lessons with Mick. He was endlessly patient, supportive and encouraging and I learned something new in each driving lesson. The initial information provided by Mick was extremely clear and well set out. He was always courteous, attentive and helpful. I didn’t have a car to practice on between lessons so really appreciated that intensity of tuition. Mick is highly professional, always on time and really good company too (which matters when you’re driving for 2 hours a day!). He was very patient and always willing to explain things to me in different ways to find the way that made the most sense to me. I passed first time with 4 faults and have now booked Pass Plus with them too. I would highly recommend GDI Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive, whatever your ability or past experience. 


Well done CJ who passed 1st time with 4 minor driving faults.




Chris is the BEST driving instructor ever!!! I passed first time with only 3 faults!!! he taught me everything I needed in order to pass my test, but also the knowledge I need to have to be a good and safe driver for the rest of my life. I would recommend him to anybody, as he makes the lessons interesting and provides clear explanations on everything that happens in driving. He provided me with the confidence I needed in order to believe that I could pass the test, and know that I would keep a good standard of driving when im by myself. Chris made my driving lessons fun as I knew he would be patient with me even if I made a mistake multiple times. Chris is easy to talk to and I think of him as a friend as well as my instructor, Chris is the reason I passed my test, and is the reason I know I will be a safe driver for the rest of my life. I look forward to doing the pass plus with him so I can increase my driving knowledge. Thanks so much for all your help!! 


Well done Ryan who passed 1st time with 3 minor driving faults.




I have nothing but praise for GDI Driving School ! The whole process was highly professional and very enjoyable. The booking process was swift and easy; it was great to have Sheryl always willing to answer any queries. My instructor, Will, was fantastic. he was incredibly patient with me, always cheery and a real pleasure to spend so much time with. He was very thorough in getting my driving up to standard and was also very flexible if I needed to change my lesson times. Although my only experience was with this driving school, I know from talking to friends that the major difference of my experience was the personal attention that you get at this school. Will was hugley enthusiastic and really wanted to make me the best driver I can be. I was quickly put at ease behind the wheel and felt that Will was obviously very experienced at teaching people of all abilities. He was always very calm and never made me feel silly or embarrassed if I made a mistake. He was very thorough at explaining things to me and I always felt that he wouldn’t push me too quickly into anything I may not feel ready to undertake. I Passed Today 1st time!!!. I would certainly recommend GDI Driving School to anyone thinking of learning to drive. I’m so glad I did it and feel a confident and competent driver now. I would also like to commend Will for his services. He has been an excellent driving instructor for me and I believe he has been a critical factor in progressing my driving ability to beyond test standard. 


Well done Kaylee who passed 1st time with 5 minor faults.




Passed with only 2 minors! Can’t recommend highly enough!!. Above anything else, I really enjoyed being taught by Chris. Learning to drive can be a stressful experience, but with Chris’s support and advice I was able to progress to test standard without any hassle. Spending so much time in a car with someone, you need to make sure you get on with your instructor. I couldn’t praise Chris enough for his relaxed, amiable nature and would recommend him to anyone. Passing with only 2 faults, I am happy to say my provisional driving experience is over in just 6 and a half months. Talking with my friends who have also passed but with different instructors, I can see that Chris is a cut above the rest. He has taught me to be a safe driver for life. Thank you so much for everything Chris! 


Well done Jade who passed 1st time with 2 minor faults.





After learning with a big driving school I was ready to give up. Not only could I not even do the basics after over 20 lessons but I had picked up bad habits that were hard to shake off. It seemed I had regressed rather than progressed. After suffering 20 lessons of continuous shouting and my nerves were causing a major problem and my confidence was crushed. I was recommended to GDI Driving School. At first I was a little hesitant about the seemingly high price per lesson, however, my first lesson with Mark was a breath of fresh air. I had worked myself up and expected to get into my usual panicked, frenzied mess I was used to becoming, however we sat and discussed methods to ease my nerves and Mark’s patience and manner made a huge difference. The lessons were always to the highest level of professionalism whilst remarkably still comfortable and relaxed. I was never once shouted at throughout my entire course. My confidence began to grow with each lesson and my nerves began to become a thing of the past. I passed with Mark doing weekly lessons. In hindsight the seemingly high price tag was not as it seemed. The difference in service, knowledge, professionalism, reliability and people skills became apparent when GDI Driving School was compared with my cheaper previous Driving School. I guess you get what you pay for ! Worth absolutely every penny and definitely a cut above the rest. I could not recommend this school enough to anyone looking to learn to drive. If it was not for GDI Driving School I’m sure I would have given up. If you’re considering this school it really is the best of the best! 


Well done Karen who passed 1st time with 4 minor driving faults.






I would like to thank your company and Sandy who was my driving instructor for their excellent support. Sandy took care of all my queries and trained me for Driving Practical test. She also provided timely and helpful advice regarding driving. Sandy was a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend Sandy to absolutely everyone, as he was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. Before Sandy, I had used different instructor which was totally waste of money and time with another company.  But Sandy especially at the beginning was extremely helpful and thorough, I was incredibly anxious, however Sandy was reassuring when teaching me. Thank you so much again!”  Please accept my gratitude towards GDI Driving School for getting me in achieving this Driving License goal. I would especially like to commend Sandy for her professionalism.


Well done Jane who passed 1st time with only 7 minor driving faults.




If your serious about learning to drive and if your reading these statements you obviously are, then look no further than GDI Driving School. They do exactly what they say on the tin and more! From start to finish they operate an extremely professional business and make the whole process of booking your lesson and tests easy. My instructor Paul, not only taught me to drive but he instilled the confidence in me to believe in myself, which at the age of 37 had been serious lacking since the age of 17!!!! This guy is THE best driving instructor you could have. He never cancelled lessons, was never late and never showed any sign of impatience however bad my lessons were going! I never believed i could do it but Paul did believe and for that i will always be very grateful. In my opinion i don’t believe that any other driving school could come even close to offering the service that GDI Driving School offer and they should be very, very proud of their company.   


Well done Ceri who passed 1st time with only 2 minor driving faults.




The team at GDI Driving School were excellent, exceeding all my expectations. What wonderful people from staff on the phone to the instructors they make their number one priority to make sure you pass, theirs honesty and professionalis makes them at GDI Driving School number one in my eyes. It was a very efficient course; getting me up to scratch in one week. I was surprised at how quickly I was able improve and feel safe / confident on the road. I had a US licence on automatic and had taken some UK lessons on manual before I moved away to the US. I was able to build on my strengths while working on the many differences between the two. If you have previously driven overseas and need a course to get to know the ins-and-outs of UK driving; you couldn’t find a better course than this.  I would highly recommend GDI Driving School to anyone who is interested in learning to be a great driver in a short amount of time.


Well done Kieron who passed 1st time with 9 minor driving faults.




5 stars – 1st time pass!!! I cannot recommend GDI Driving School highly enough. I have had lessons with a few different driving instructors, from other companies, all of which made me feel very nervous and that I was just simply unable to drive. Chris at GDI Driving School was literally amazing. Within 2 lessons with him I felt like I could actually drive, even in manual (as I had almost given up and wanted to do automatic) and – I actually enjoyed driving and looked forward to my lessons! Everyone that I spoke to at GDI Driving School were professional, supportive and great to deal with. Yolanda and Anna were always on-hand checking in and reminding me of what I needed for tests etc, they wished me luck which was lovely! I couldn’t recommend GDI Driving School more highly – I passed my test 1st time, with just under 2 weeks of lessons; I couldn’t believe it!! I thought I was an awful driver until I met Chris at GDI Driving School. I highly recommend you book the guaranteed course like I did. Chris was super cool, relaxed, professional, informative and he’s just great at what he does. He gave me ‘homework’ to do – watching the videos, which was a huge help. The methods he used just made sense; they weren’t over complicated like other instructors have previously taught me and he just taught me how to really drive. He was also so knowledgeable about my local area, test routes and examiners. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and if I didn’t get something, he’d just simply explain it, and we’d go and give it another go until I got it!


Well done Ben who passed 1st time with 11 minor driving faults.




I am permanently disabled since an accident. I had a bad fall and broke my back which left me unable to work or do everyday things in general anymore. After thinking things over for sometime I decided there was a way I could improve my quality of life and be less dependent on others. So I made contact with GDI Driving School and booked a driving lesson. I found the service was second to none and my instructor was brilliant. He put me totally at ease every lesson and gave me so much encouragement. He is a brilliant driving instructor and I passed first time. I would definitely recommend GDI Driving School for their professional friendly approach. If you want to pass and be a good safe driver you want the best, so go with GDI Driving School. All the instructors are professional, friendly and in my opinion the best in the business.


Well done Georgina who passed 1st time with 4 minor driving faults.




I was in a very bad position before contacting this company, I had just a week before my theory expired and the other company I was with let me down last minute as they couldn’t find me an instructor I was then in a panic with just a week to go for my test to expire I contacted GDI Driving School and spoke to a lovely lady called Sheryl she called me down and reassured me that she would find me an instructor and a test date within the time period before my theory expired she assigned me a instructor with the name JAMES he was amazing he was the best instructor I have ever been allocated very calm and efficient in he’s teaching, he was very honest and helpful. I had previously had 3 instructors before him, and none of them came close to he’s teaching I believe a big part of the reason why I passed was because of him and he’s positive and calm manor before my test. I would fully recommend GDI Driving School they are very efficient and very helpful and calm which is exactly what you need during a panic period. They kept me updated with my test lessons and checked up on me after to make sure I was happy. All in all the best company, I would fully recommend.


Well done James who passed 1st time with 6 minor driving faults.




I was extremely impressed with the level of service and instruction I received from both GDI Driving School and my instructor. GDI Driving School arranged everything down to the details the way I wanted it. Darren was a pleasure to deal with, always fast to respond and made sure that I was able to book lessons on exactly the days and times that I wanted them. When it came time to book a test, I was very picky with the day and time I wanted the test booked, and they managed to get a test with only one week’s notice! All logistical aspects of the course were handled perfectly and I would definitely recommend GDI Driving School not only because they can provide an intensive course, but because they can provide it structured around exactly when you’re free. My instructor, Harry: was an amazing instructor. He did a great job at identifying the weak areas of my driving and tailoring my lessons to target them so that I got the most out of the time I spent in the car. Whereas lessons with other instructors might just feel like a ‘guided drive’, with Harry it was clear that my driving was always being evaluated and improved in the most effective way. He also did a great job at preparing me for the actual driving test, with all lessons full of helpful tips and information about the test itself and what the best strategies for passing were. Finally, he was very easy to talk to and get along with, which matters a lot when you spend so many hour a week sat next to someone in a car. In the end I passed my test the first time with only 4 minors, which says as much about GDI Driving School and Harry’s competence as it does about my own driving skill.


Well done Muhammad who passed 1st time with 4 minor driving faults.




Wow what a ride! I was surprised with the level of service which I got from GDI Driving School right from the first call. Brilliant professional service. Highly recommended. My intensive driving course went without a hitch. And above all I passed my driving test with only four miners on my first attempt with GDI Driving School. The approach and communication is friendly, professional and accurate. My main objective get my licence, but not to rush in, I wanted to be well prepared. When the client manager Darren, answered my call, I was handled with professionalism and talked through all the options which were applicable to my specific situation. GDI Driving School was not the first company that I called. However, the way they spoke to me and listened to what I needed made an impact. After having spoken to many schools that offer intensive driving courses I opted for GDI Driving School. Darren suggested that I do 6 lessons to build my confidence and get used to the car before I have the assessment lesson. My first lesson was arranged for the next day already. After 6 hours of lessons I received an assessment report. The report was very accurate on what needed to be done for me to be able to get my licence. After the assessment I realise that I had not been ready for the driving test in the first place. GDI Driving School did not just prepare me for the driving test, but all the practical learning which I did was always centred around what would work best in all driving circumstances. It was amazing how well prepared I was when I went into the driving test. The learning material which I was offered by video greatly enhanced aspects which I had obviously not previously been exposed to. I can recommend GDI Driving School and its team to anybody who wishes to get a good service and above all get their driving licence in the shortest time possible.


Well done Maureen who passed 1st time with 9 minor faults.




I would just like to offer my thanks to GDI Driving School for getting my son Joshua through his driving test first time. This now means you have a 100% record within our family of three passes, all first time. That is not unusual as getting people to pass their driving test is your job, but when you consider that two of those passes were myself and my brother around 10 years ago and then some years later our same instructor has then passed the next generation is very pleasing. It appears that you company uses all modern techniques and changes in the highway code and has combined this with the experience and knowledge it has gained through many years teaching learner drivers to deliver a great service. We both have other teenage children who are all approaching that stage where they learn to drive. In an age where we are all bombarded with on where and who to place our business, my brother and I will place their driving education back into the hands of the company who have never failed us.


Well done Sam who passed 1st time with 5 minor faults.




GDI Driving School were instrumental in getting my car driving licence as quickly as I could pass the test. I would recommend their services if you want your driving licence as fast as you possible can. Their services in finding intensive driving courses in my local area was very fast. The extremely helpful staff working as a team to communicate the options and get back to me when a intensive course was available. I believe with their assistance the time taken to pass the test reduced from 6 months to only 4 weeks. GDI Driving School driving instructors in my area were fully booked for months. But there put me in touch with there partnership intensive driving course driving school and I spoke to Ken. Ken then explained that they are in partnership with GDI and help out when GDI instructors are full booked. Ken provided me with the options, driving instructor and recommended a intensive course to get my test. I was so happy to have passed at my age (over 40) even though I had had lessons since I was 16. Their encouragement and determination to help me get my driving licence and was very appreciated. My passing practical test was near perfect thanks to my instructor Simon and I only got 2 minors (nervous driver that I am). I am so GLAD that Simon sent me daily reminders of the “Show/Tell Me” questions as I had complete forgotten on the way to the test centre. I have got a car now and happily driving. Thank you once again GDI Driving School and Bumpers (especially Darren).


Well done Basimah who passed 1st time with 2 minor driving faults.