Save your time and your money by letting us call you back later today! GDI Driving School is always looking for ways to help you from the first call to us right to passing your driving test; we always try and make it a smooth journey from start to finish. We want to make sure we can help you save time and money while learning to drive safely with us. We also want to make sure when you pick GDI Driving School to teach you to drive and pass your driving test you get the best customer service from us. So with the volume of calls we get each day we now offer a Call Back Service. We can only tell you that “your call matters to us, please be patient” so many times before you hang up the phone. Most of you will tolerate being placed on hold but you will lose patience quickly, and abandon the call. Either way, GDI Driving School result is a poor customer experience, something we do not take lightly. GDI Driving School is a family run driving school in Surrey and Hampshire, not a large corporate organisation, so all our customers really matter to us.



That’s why we at GDI Driving School offer a call back service to suit you. GDI Driving School is a small office base and we get 100s of calls each day so sometimes when you ring you will go straight to voice mail or be on hold and we don’t really want that. GDI Driving School wants a smother customer experience for you with a call back service; that way we can start every conversation off smoothly, resulting in very good customer service for you. Please fill in the form below and we’ll call you back! Give us an idea of what you’d like to discuss and a good time to call you and we’ll be in touch.







If you want to make a general enquiry or if you have any questions big or small then please fill in the contact from below.



Then GDI Driving School will contact you on the same day in our Contact Centre working hours or the very next day.



Our GDI Driving School Contact Centre is open 09:00am18:00pm | Monday to Saturday, except National Holidays.



If you try to call us outside our contact hours then please leave a message and we will contact you back as soon as possible.



Please Note* For GDI Driving School Customer Training and Quality Purposes, your Calls & Emails may be Recorded and Monitored.




Please Call GDI Driving School Today 0333 577 1105




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Once we become available we will check our Driving Instructor’s availability in your local area. We would then ask them to contact you direct to answer any questions you have. And once you are happy they will book you in for your 1st lesson with us.



If all of our Driving Instructors are fully booked in your local area then we ask our Partnership Driving School to contact you direct. Again to answer any question you have. And once you are happy they will book you in for your 1st lesson with them.



Thank you for contacting GDI Driving School